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Do not rush to throw away the remnants of cosmetics: here are 10 new ways to use them


Every woman’s bathroom has everything you need, and even a little more. Let the one that does not have half-empty tubes and jars, where the cream is left on the bottom, will be the first to raise your hand!

It is a pity to throw away the remnants of good cosmetics and it is not at all advisable, but I don’t feel like using them. What remains to do? Of course, find them a new and effective application! Let's tidy up the bathroom together, and at the same time use the remnants of cosmetics with benefit.

Old cream for ... leather bag and shoes

It often happens that even a new cream is not suitable for the face. Do not throw money away now! The first and easiest application is to apply the cream on the hardened areas, such as the heels or elbows. The second, less obvious application is to smear with leather (such as a bag, shoes or a belt) the remnants of a cream (or a new “unsuccessful” cream). They also do not interfere from time to time "soften."

Body oil - for dry hair ends

Body oil is not for everyone. In addition, it leaves an unpleasant "oil film" on the skin. What to do if you were given such an oil, but you don’t want to throw it out or give it away? Apply it to the ends of the hair after shampooing. You'd be surprised, but this method will make your hair well-groomed in a matter of days! By the way, another way to use it is in the kitchen. Apply oil to the stainless steel to create a thin film that protects from stains and plaque.

Shampoo for lacy underwear

Admit it - do you probably have jars in the bathroom with the remnants of shampoo on the bottom? But do not rush to throw them out! Firstly, the shampoo turns out a wonderful and aromatic bubble bath. Secondly, shampoo will help you to carry out delicate hand washing of thin lacy linen.

Regular foot deodorant

It makes no sense to buy expensive products from sweating and foot odor. Enough to use the remnants of a simple deodorant - it will perfectly cope with this problem.

Aftershave lotion against pimples and acne

The soft texture of the lotion or gel will not cause irritation, but will gently dry the inflammation. Apply dotted to the affected skin. You will surely forget about expensive remedies against pimples and acne!

Air conditioner or mask ... for shaving

Shaving foam is not cheap. Is it possible to replace it with something? Yes, if you have unused masks or hair conditioner in your stock! They provide easy gliding on the skin and successfully prevent irritation.

Eau de toilette or perfume as a freshener in the bathroom

It is better, of course, to peredarit if you strongly dislike the smell of perfume. However, if you have a long time standing bottle with the remnants of toilet water, use it as a fragrance for the bathroom, things in the closet and bed linen.

Makeup Remover ... with clothes

Micellar water is also great to remove the remnants of foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick from light things. Apply the product to the contaminated area, a little hand wash, rinse and dry. By the way, fat milk makeup remover will help remove the remnants of hair dye or eyebrows from the skin!

Eyebrow balm

Not every hygienic lipstick can cope with dry lips. In addition, when it remains quite small, the hand and stretches to throw out a bottle ... But wait! Lip balm perfectly moisturizes the eyebrows and make them obedient.

Sofa candles

Candles can not be called cosmetics, but their remnants will surely be found in every home. Use them in a practical way: apply a small amount of wax on the legs of the sofa or heavy chair so that you can easily move it and not scratch the floor!