12 tricks with clothes that make you look slimmer


Looking slimmer without diets and sports is not so difficult - you just need to know some of the rules for combining clothes. You have probably heard more than once that in each figure you can find at least one virtue that must be emphasized. However, what to do in this case with disadvantages?

We offer you 12 fashion tricks that will help you look 1-2 sizes slimmer.

  1. Image in one color

Combine things of similar shades, creating monochrome outfits. But this does not mean boring! You can play on the unusual color of the shade or enter into the ensemble contrasting beads or a scarf. And you can buy a blouse of the same color for trousers, but with a discreet vertical décor of a different shade. Then the silhouette will seem more slender and elongated.

2. Get flesh-colored boats

Would you ever think that shoes can be slim? And in vain! Classic, flesh-colored heeled shoes with a moderately sharp nose visually lengthen the legs. In this case, the heel may not be high, but quite comfortable for everyday life and running to work - 5-7 cm.

3. Flared pants with heels

Wide and flared trousers are not only in vogue with certainty, but also fit well on girls with uniforms. Only there is one condition: if you want to appear slimmer, you should definitely wear such pants with high-heeled shoes.

4. Refill only the front of the blouse.

You must have seen on the street girls who fill in jeans only the front part of the blouse. This is not only a new fashion trend, but also a great way to visually lengthen legs and hide figure flaws.

5. Dress with dark inserts on the sides

Choose models of dresses with contrasting vertical accents on the waist and hips, which will make you 1-2 sizes slimmer. In addition, such dresses emphasize the seductive curves of the figure, riveting the views of passing men.

6. Dress with a smell

The dress with the smell acts on the same principle as the vertical stripes, only the strip here is the same: it is a cut line running in the middle of the body. This dress can focus on the chest and waist, visually making the figure thinner.

7. V-neck blouses

Let's finally confess: the world will be saved not only by beauty, but also by a beautiful female breast! Blouses with a V-neck, moderately showing a decollete area, will lengthen your silhouette, as well as draw attention to the waist.

8. Extended Jacket

The ideal length of the jacket is mid-thigh. In short models, the figure will look inharmonious and draw attention to the shortcomings.

9. Stop tying the scarf.

The scarf can be used not only to keep warm in cold winter evenings, but also to visually lengthen the silhouette. However, it is important to remember that the scarf should be draped over the shoulders so that the ends hang down, creating vertical stripes. And to look more stylish, a scarf can be tucked under the strap.

10. Combination of fitted top and A-line skirt

A full midi skirt creates an hourglass silhouette and visually removes a couple of centimeters from the waist. Midi skirt will help to hide the flaws of the hips and highlight the chest advantageously. However, to create a complete image and achieve maximum visual effect, you should wear such a skirt with heels.

11. Simple styles

The simpler the clothes, the slimmer the woman looks. So no ruchea, frilly applications and catchy inserts! Sheath dresses, straight cut and A-line models should now be your best friends. Experimenting is certainly not prohibited, but it must be done with extreme caution.

12. We focus on the merits

Yes, you have heard about this rule more than once. But it is worth admitting that it really works, drawing attention to the merits of the figure. If you have an appetizing chest, why not wear a V-neck blouse? Thin waist? Fine! New belt is perfect for your favorite dress. Love your virtues and hide flaws.