Amazing crochet rhombuses: a multi-color pattern, accessible even to beginners.


Interesting and original looks pattern of colored rhombuses. At first glance, it seems that it is a patchwork cloth gathered in small squares. In fact, with such a knitting technique, nothing needs to be sewn to anything. Moreover, you can use an unlimited number of colors. The output is a solid volume canvas with an interesting texture. It is hard to believe, but the knitting technique is so simple that it can be mastered even by the beginning masters. You can use it to create rugs, blankets, scarves, various types of finishes.

For work you will need:

  • yarn of several colors;
  • hook of the appropriate size;
  • scissors.

Getting started with a regular chain. The number of air loops should be a multiple of 9 plus 1.

Leaving the first air loop on the hook next to it, we collect another one, but do not knit it to the end, but leave it on the hook. Repeat until loop 6.

Now we begin to gradually release the hook. Capturing the working thread, we knit only 2 loops. We knit only 2 loops again. Repeat this until the end of the row. Each time the loop on the hook becomes 1 less.

We extend the loops of the next row, opening the hook under the vertical stripes formed (there will be 4 of them). At the end, to get the 6th loop on the hook, we attach it to the chain. Then again we knit loops by 2, until there is 1 loop on the hook. So knit 4 rows.

In the 5th row we do not accumulate loops on the hook, but immediately close them. The last loop is formed by attaching to the chain.

One of the diamonds is ready. Without breaking the thread go to the second knitting diamond. We recapture 6 loops that are not tied, and then gradually diminish their number, knitting by 2. We do not forget to attach ourselves to the chain before dropping the loops from the hook. In the 5th row close the loop again.

We continue to knit diamonds until the chain ends.

Go to knitting in another color. We fix the thread at the free top of the rhombus, directed to the side, and knit a chain of 5 air loops.

Then we do everything as before, with the difference that to attach when creating the 6th loop now you need not to the chain, but to the side of the rhombus.

We continue to knit diamonds to the end of the row. We fix the thread and proceed to the next color.

The thread of the third color is attached to the top of the diamond. The chain here is not necessary to recruit.

The working thread of the first row is drawn through the vertical stripes of the first of the lower rhombuses, and the following rhombus is used to form the 6th loop.

The subsequent rows of rhombuses are tied according to the principle “as the drawing looks”. The number of colors and rows is not limited.

At the end of knitting, we hide the tips of the threads, fixing them on the seamy side.

It looks like the face of work. Once the extra threads are removed, you can proceed to the strapping.

The first row of strapping is the usual semi-column.

In the second row of strapping on the tops of rhombuses, air loops are added, and the corners of the product, which account for 2 rhombus at a time, are supplemented with a shell with a loop in the middle, connected from crochets with nakida.

If desired, the strapping can be done in any convenient way.